Stay & infrastructure



Right next to the festival area there is a big meadow where you can pitch your tent.The tent site fee is included in the festival pass.


There are parking spaces for campervans or minibusses right at the festival area. We charge a fee of CHF 50 per van/bus for the 5 days. Tickets for camper-bus spaces are available in presale together with the festival passes.


Market stalls

Palate pleasers on the square include delicious non-alcoholic beverages such as smoothies, chai, etc. and a wide range of vegetarian/vegan delights such as fresh salads, soups, crêpes, pizza, Indian dishes, ice cream and more. Raw foodies are sure to find something too.

Self catering

Near the campsite there is a simple, covered communal kitchen, equipped with a fire bowl and kitchen utensils. Wood and cooking grate are available. Large pots, pans and other equipment are welcome!

If you prefer to cook your own soup ;-) then feel free to use your camping gas stove. Individual fires are not allowed.


Please bring your own (unbreakable) dishes, cups & cuttlery to get food and drinks from the market stalls.

There will be a dishwashing station where dishes can be cleaned.

If you forgot your dishes at home, you can get a set at the Infopoint for a small fee plus deposit.


Market place

Let yourself be surprised, inspired, spoiled by our market stalls - all products on offer are selected and high-quality. Whether creative, homemade, colorful, delicious or fragrant... guaranteed everything made with love. ❤️


Besides a firs aid tent for body, mind & soul, there are also some booths in the Healing Area where you can book an individual consultation or treatment.

Healing Area

Oasis of tranquility

The Healing Area is located away from the hustle and bustle and invites you to pause and center yourself. This could be with a relaxing massage, a cleansing sweat lodge ceremony, in silent meditation in the vision tent or in medicine chants by the fire. A moment of silence, contemplation and reconnection.

Sacred fire

The sacred fire is lit at the opening ceremony, burns throughout the festival and is tended and nurtured by fire keepers. Here you have a place to listen to the wisdom of Grandfather Fire, make wishes & prayers, and connect with your own fire.

Please respect that fire keepers hold this space and add wood. Be careful not to consume anything in this space and only add tobacco & herbs to the fire.

Vision Tent

The Vision Tent is a place of silence & pause, an opportunity to return to your center and remember your essence & vision. Please respect this space and understand that overnight stays in the vision tent are not possible.


A sweat lodge ceremony gives us the opportunity to sink deep into the womb of mother earth, to cleanse ourselves on all levels, to BE together and to remember the connectedness with ALL.

Healing Tent

First aid & balm for body, mind & soul...

The Healing Tent combines classical first aid with complementary offers and the medicine of the festival visitors. 

We offer space for breastfeeding, rest and support for a wide variety of concerns. 

The first aid is responsible for smaller and bigger emergencies. There is a specialist on call 24 hours a day.

In case of minor injuries you can take care of yourself (bandages etc. available).

Contact the Infopoint if you have something to offer to help people in case of need.

New Festival Place for 2023

We wish for:

  • A place in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, where we are certainly welcome and allowed to work for the next 4 years.
  • A base area of 7 hectares, of which at least 2-3 hectares must be flat land
  • At a lake or flowing water
  • With existing infrastructure (electricity, water connection, stable, house, hall)

It can be a smaller place, where we are allowed to rent adjacent land. It can also be a whole village center with church, lake and adjacent green areas - integrated into daily life or a large piece of land with forest, secluded and embedded in nature.

Do images come to you right now? Do you know a possible place or people who own such a place and would like to open their place for the Pachamama Festival?

Then feel free to contact Corina with a link, photos, contact and your phone number.

Thank you for the shared vision and creation!