Newsletter January 2023

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31 Jan., 2023

Dear Pachamama Family

It is with great gratitude that we look back on the Pachamama Festival and remember touching, nurturing, inspiring and also challenging moments.
The Pachamama Festival is an enchanting journey, a human adventure where we create and manifest a vision together, learn from each other and grow together. It is a magical journey with light and also with shadows....
Over the past few months we have been meeting as a Pachamama team to reflect, harvest the fruits and crystallise the essence. We have appreciated our co-creation, valued ourselves and completed a cycle together.
Consciously, we decided to allow time for change both within the team and in the design of the festival.
We feel from the bottom of our hearts that the spirit of the Pachamama Festival needs renewal.
Yes, the PACHAMAMA Festival wants to be reborn. And for this renewal it needs time - a time of "pregnancy". A retreat into the essence to let new visions mature in the darkness and to gather strength for the new birth.
To allow this to happen smoothly, we have decided that there will be no Pachamama Festival in 2023.
We trust that everything will develop in due time and that the Pachamama Festival will be allowed to blossom anew next year. Our intention is to come together again in a large Pachamama circle in summer 2024.
So now we dive back into the space of silence and wish you a wonderful time.
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With love
Your Pachamama Festival Team



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