Respect, mindfulness & self-responsibility

...this is what we wish in relation with ourselves, with the other person and above all with the magical natural place on which we are allowed to be guests.

Alcohol & Drugs

We invite you to enjoy the festival in fullest consciousness and let life flow through you without alcohol & drugs.


Please bring your own plates, cups & cuttlery (re-usable & non breakable). In case you forget your dishes at home it is also possible to rent a set at the stands for a small fee plus deposit.


There is an absolute prohibition of glass on the grounds, so we avoid the risk of injury and protect the animals grazing on the meadow.


Please take responsibility for your waste, be careful when recycling and only throw things into the bins provided. Please take your "bulky items" (broken tents, camping equipment etc.) back with you at the end.


Please use only natural/organic soap for showering. An eco-product is providet at the dish-washing station.


No soap/shampoo/detergent in the brook!
Please always wear bathing suit.


Please be respectful & mindful when entering the forest, as this is a protected zone for nature & animals. Don't use the forest as a "toilet" - that's what the Kompotois are for.


The Sacred Fire In the Healing Area invites you to pause. There is a central fireplace for cooking on the campsite. Individual fires are not allowed.


Dogs are not allowed on the festival grounds. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



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