The Pachamama Festival wants to be reborn, so there will be no Pachamama Festival in 2023.

We trust that everything will develop in due time and that the Pachamama Festival may blossom anew in the summer of 2024.

For 2023 we invite you, dear creators, to initiate your own big and small circles and to weave together the big web of light in which we are all embedded and connected as a community.


With our Newsletter we will send you news about the Pachamama Festival.


We have decided to offer only 5-day passes this year. This way we can build up a strong energy together and dive in really deep.

The 5-day pass includes the overnight stay in your own tent as well as all program offers (except sweat lodges & cacao ceremonies).

Not included in the festival pass are: Food, parking fee and parking space for campers/buses.


5-Day Pass (Wed-Sun):

We offer you the possibility to choose from three price categories:

  • Support: CHF 360 (you are supporting a person with less financial means - thank you!)
  • Standard: CHF 300
  • Reduced: CHF 240 (low-budget)

These prices are valid for adults and youths older than 16 years. Children & teenagers up to 16 years are free of charge and do not need a ticket.

Camper Bus Ticket (Wed-Sun):
CHF 50 (price per vehicle, available in presale)

Car Parking (Wed-Sun):
CHF 25 (to be paid in cash on site)

Arrival & Departure

The entrance opens on Wednesday at 11 am. It is not possible to get to the site or campsite earlier. There is enough time to set up the tent before the program starts.

Departure is on Sunday by 8 pm at the latest. It is not possible to stay overnight until Monday (except for dismantling helpers & market stalls).



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