On this earth, Pachamama, we gather together in presence, awareness and love –
to connect, create and celebrate, to embrace life with all it’s colors,
honoring those who walked before, taking care of those to come –
sharing abundance and beauty in the knowing that it is us who beat the drum.

It is important to us that you feel fulfilled and radiant when you go home, that you take experiences with you which you can integrate into your everyday life and share with those around you.


"Pachamama" comes from Inca cosmology and means "Mother Earth" or "Mother Cosmos".

Pachamama represents life itself, wholeness, the connection between opposites. She stands for harmony & balance.

The beautiful festival site invites us to connect with nature and come into harmony. The elements, the stones, the plants and the animals... they all have great wisdom and healing power, which they gladly share with us. Pachamama gives and loves unconditionally.

It is our concern to take care of our planet, to give something back to the earth and to leave a healthy living space for our children. This starts with ourselves - only when we love ourselves can we have true compassion, only when we are at peace with ourselves can we live in harmony with our environment.

At the Pachamama Festival we celebrate life in all its fullness, knowing that everything is interconnected.


It's time to reconnect

We are all children of the earth and belong to one family - regardless of origin, age or religion. Together we achieve great things!


We are all artists

Let yourself be surprised, dare to follow your impulses, be yourself, discover your liveliness and creativity!


Conscious being

Conscious BEING in the NOW, present, mindful and sincere. Recognising and truly living one's own creativeness.

"What is creativity? You reach up to the heaven for an idea, you bring it down to the earth and make it work."
(Frank Sinatra)



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